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MYCP Program

Do you have young children aged 2-7 years, whose behaviour is difficult to manage?

If so, you may be interested in the 
Management of Young Children Program (MYCP)

This program has been developed and facilitated by staff from Education Qld. 

What is MYCP?
MYCP is an individual parenting 
skills training and support program 
for parents of children with difficult 
It is a practical approach aimed at 
restoring a parent-child relationship
which has become imbalanced because 
the child seeks control 
through oppositional behaviour. 
The aim of the program is that the 
parent (with some support) is able to 
master skills in child management 
which will restore a loving and functional 

Who will benefit?
·  Young children who interpret parental 
requests as a trigger for defiant 
behaviour (for example: refusing, 
ignoring, tantrums).
·  Young children who appear to require 
parental attention to an excessive 
·  Children with special needs are very 
·  Parents who are not coping, are 
worn out or feeling inadequate.

What are the likely outcomes?
·  Reduction in the child’s oppositional 
·  Reduction in parent reinforcement 
of oppositional behaviour.
·  Increase in effectiveness of parent 
·  Increase in positive interaction, 
praise and task completion.
·  Less stress

MYCP Team Members
All of our team are qualified MYCP Facilitators or Co-Facilitators.

What is Involved?
You will need to attend the centre 2 or 3 times a week for 3-8 weeks. Each session lasts up to 1 hour. The number of weeks required depends upon the needs of the individual family.
FREE—All costs are covered by our schools

Making an Appointment 
Phone 07 41977743 to make an appointment. 
MYCP staff will then contact 
you to discuss the program with you, answer any questions and if appropriate, place you on a waiting list for inclusion into the program.

·  “I feel great! In control and totally overwhelmed in my child's behaviour”.
·  “I’m a new person and see things different now. MYCP has given me happiness
and sanity”
·  “I’m much more relaxed. I enjoy being a Mum again because I’m back in control. Anything my child does, I can handle”.
·  “This program is great. I do hope it helps other Mums the way it helped me”.
·  “Even though my son has been diagnosed with ADHD, he is much calmer now”.